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In July 2016, we opened our first UK shop at Birmingham Airport. We will do our best to inspire British readers on the move to find the books they want – and a few more they simply can’t resist!

You'll find us in the South Terminal Departures Lounge at Birmingham Airport.

We like

The Seed Collectors

Scarlett Thomas


A genre bending family saga with a huge cast of colourful characters. Barbarically funny and beautifully profound. Thomas weaves a complex tale about life, death, enlightenment and plants... that can walk?/ Jeanne

I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh


I loved this book. An exciting plot with a twist that you don't see coming. Full of enough suspense and drama to keep you on the edge of your seat, this one won't let you go!/Kayleigh



Harvard Professor Robert Langley wakes up in a hospital in Florence with a head injury. He has no idea how he got there, and his memory from the last couple of days seems mysteriously wiped from his mind.  This is Dan Browns fourth book in his series about Professor Robert Langley, and it will soon be a major motion picture. Read it before you see the movie! / Therese

Love from Paris

Alexandra Potter


When Ruby gets dumped at the airport she flees to her friend in Paris, under the impression that love is dead. But when she finds a bunch of love letters written in the 1930’s, hidden in an abandon apartment, an adventure in the name of love begins!  War, broken hearts, epic love and a glittering Paris, this book is an absolute gem! / Therese


Gregory David


Summer is the best time to tackle a big book, like this about 900 pages brick. A book that takes you to Bombay (Mumbai) India, where we follow an Australian prison breakout trying to make a living. If you like adventures and literary novels, you will most likely devour this book. /Jenny