Our history

This is Pocket Shop

Pocket Shop’s business concept is to sell good, affordable books – paperbacks – at central, highly visible locations with well-informed staff. We have done this successfully since 1989.

Our history


In July, we opened our first UK shop at Birmingham Airport. We’re looking forward to introducing Pocket Shop to the UK! In October, we opened our fourth shop in Germany, at Schönefeld Airport in Berlin. In November, we opened our second shop in the UK, in the Broadway Shopping Centre at Hammersmith underground station in central London. In December, we opened our third shop in the UK, at Liverpool Street Station.


In January, we opened our third Finnish shop in the Dixi mall located at Tikkurila station in Vantaa. We then continued to expand with our fourth Finnish store in the Forum shopping centre located in downtown Helsinki, which opened its doors in late summer.


We celebrated 25 years in business, appropriately enough with 25 shops! 2014 was a busy year with several new store openings.


In June, we opened our second shop in Malmö  at ”Triangeln”.


On April 26, we got a new owner, Bonnier Books. The same year we also opened a shop at Landvetter Airport, and two at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Our flagship store at the Central Station in Stockholm moved to a new location in the main hall.


The year when the shops in Uppsala and Malmö moved to new, better locations. On June 1, 2010 our second expansion abroad became a reality. You can now find the world's easternmost Pocket Shop at the train station in Helsinki, Finland. Here you can find paperbacks in English, Finnish and Swedish.


In April, we opened our fourth shop at Arlanda. In the new central building at Arlanda, we sell books for  19.5 hours per day, on average. Because of this, we would venture to claim that we are the bookshop with the longest opening hours in Sweden.

2009 was also the year when Pocket Shop got a little extra royal prestige. Pocket Shop's founder and owner, Mathias Engdahl, received the Medal of the Royal Patriotic Society for notable achievements in Swedish business.


A busy year with three new shop openings. In early February, we opened at the City Terminal in Stockholm. In October we opened the shop at Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany. With this, we fulfilled a dream we’d had for a long time: to open a store abroad and sell books in the country's own language. And as always we do things in our own “purple way”, which means a well-placed shop with a great selection of front facing paperbacks, sold by dedicated and knowledgeable staff. As the icing on the cake we opened a small shop at Östermalmstorg in Stockholm.


In June, we opened our third shop at Arlanda, in Sky City. At the same time our shop on Pier B in Terminal 5 moved to larger and more up-to-date premises.


In November, we opened our second shop at Arlanda, on Pier B in Terminal 5.


Over the course of the year we opened three new shops around the country: Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg, Uppsala Central Station and last but certainly not least, at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. The shop at Arlanda airport felt like a real milestone - finally we were able to sell books at an international travel hub!


In March we opened in Västermalmsgallerian on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, and in May we opened the doors of our shop in Malmö Central Station.


In September, Pocket Shop opened at a beautiful location on Götgatan in Stockholm.


In March we opened our largest store, in Kulturhuset in Stockholm. We also opened an additional shop in Stockholm Central Station, in the commuter area. It felt right to open another shop here after 10 years in business, back where it all began!


A gradual build-up of the organisation started, facilitating the long-term expansion of the Pocket Shop concept.


Our first shop not located in a travel hub became a reality when Pocket Shop opened in Gallerian, a large shopping mall in central Stockholm.


We moved into new, improved premises in Gothenburg Central Station.


This year we opened our premises at Stockholm Central Station, where we are still selling books for 16 hours a day.


Our second shop opened, at Gothenburg Central Station. In a cold and draughty hall paperback books were sold. This shop was also initially a temporary arrangement.


Inspired by the British company The Sock Shop, which exclusively sold socks, Mathias Engdahl opened the first Pocket Shop store. It was at first provisional, and was situated in the middle of the Central Hall at Stockholm Central Station. The first book ever sold in Pocket Shop's history was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.