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Home Office

Our home office is situated in the former Meyer studios on Västmannagatan in Stockholm. The old industrial buildings are named after Otto Meyer who ran an art foundry at the site until the 1970s. Here, among other things, the statue of St. George and the Dragon, located on Köpmangatan in the Old Town, was cast.


Pocket Shop Loves Booooks Ltd
c/o Pocket Shop AB
Västmannagatan 81A
S-113 26 Stockholm, Sweden
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Staff Working at our Home Office

Anna Borné Minberger
Torbjörn Elbe
Sales Director
Cecilia Held
Emma Wallin
HR Manager
Henrik Engström
Operational Manager
Lina Johansson
Iva Radic
Marketing Project Manager
Olle Fagerlund
IT Manager
Maria Morén
Accounting Manager
Maria Petrov
Accounting Assistant